The fourth ANDEMIA network meeting took place in Berlin from 18th to 22nd November 2019. Project partners from the four African partner countries met at the Robert Koch Institute to discuss progress, problems and plans for the future of ANDEMIA. Of course, employees of the BMG-funded GHPP projects TRICE and ARGOS, which are closely linked to ANDEMIA, were also invited to exchange information with joint project partners. One of the main objectives of this year’s meeting was to plan targeted data analyses and to develop a publication plan.

In the run-up to our network meeting, three workshops for ANDEMIA Master and PhD students, as well as project staff of ARGOS and TRICE, took place:
A workshop on “Proposal writing”, aimed at enabling students to write structured project proposals. In the workshop “Data reporting”, the participants were instructed in compiling and evaluating data from the ANDEMIA database. In the third workshop the participants gained insight into mobile sequencing using MinION technology, which is to be established in the partner countries as an additional diagnostic tool.